Shipping Cost & Market Updates

May/June 2021

Disposable Glove Market Updates

September 2020

Global Market Glove Manufacturing capacity

  • The current global glove manufacturing capacity is less than 60% of the actual glove demand
  • Factor holding back supply, overall investment in new manufacturing
  • The global PPE market will continue to stress supply on Disposable gloves, masks, gowns, shoe covers, sanitizers and will grow from $60 billion to $100 billion by 2030
  • The disposable glove market alone was $7 Billon in 2019 and will grow to $19 Billon by 2030

General Inventories

  • We are working with our global procurement management to secure additional capacity as it become available
  • We are using our long-term relationships in the market to secure product and manage costs
  • We continue to receive in product, however shipping delays and the extended manufacturing lead times continue to stress service levels
  • Our ability to build inventories has been affected by extremely high customer demand exceeding supply

Customer service

  • We are continuing to manage and allocate product as it become available to supply our customers
  • We are offering fill in substitute product as available to offset shortages of other products
  • We are working with each of our market channels to customize solutions to support their business
  • As product is received into our system it is prioritized based on date of orders placed
  • We are allocating product based on current customer historical purchases
  • Customer product allocations are continuing while supplies continue to be a challenge

Market Summary

  • Preparations for a 2nd wave of the virus in Fall continue to stress available supply
  • Raw material shortages
  • Aggressive price increases and long lead times (12 Mo.)
  • Factories selling out capacity to highest bidder
  • Elevated demand will continue into Sept 2021
  • Lack of new capacity being added to satisfy new extreme normalized demand
  • Prices should remain above historical levels well into 2021
  • The glove market is in the process of a complete adjustment, going from ample supply in availability of multiple polymer types to only having limited available polymer types at any given time.
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